Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tribal Convergence 2011: Off to a Solid Start!

Bathing in the beautiful surreal afterbliss of an inspiring event is always a mix of emotions for me within the grace of a heart opening experience. Sweet with joyful memories, and a heart so full of love, inspiration, gratitude and profound tenderness, and melancholy with the missing of the tribe's physical proximity, I feel so many swirling reminders of my human-ness expanding once again! The gathering was truly rooted, seeded, planted and cultivated in a deep heart space of love and tribe which made for one of the sweetest and purest feelings of family love I've felt at an event of this size!

Tribal Convergence was up there with one of the top gatherings I've been to in a lot of years. I was interested in going after meeting Jamaica Stevens in Costa Rica at Envision Festival. Other than being a sister that I felt a deep resonance with, I also sensed her presence of professionalism and even beyond that, her comittment and devotion to stepping up to play a role within a huge global movement that is in full swing. It took me about 2 minutes to commit to supporting her event and coming to Portland to check it out and I am so glad that I did!

The Tribal Convergence Vision Statement from their website reads as follows:
"Build the world you want. Through discussion, collaboration, and celebration, we will link the west coast communities together into a larger network that will offer knowledge, resources, skills, and support to all in the years to come." The two words that caught my attention as offering something different were "discussion" and "collaboration." Dialogue and real organized structured time spent in these ways in groups is vital and has for me felt like a huge missing component to a lot of great events.

The magic of the site (Tidewater Falls, OR) with the pure essence of nature dripping it's own sweet bliss, was married with great music and workshops, solid leadership and a strong facilitation team which made for a truly remarkable first year event. The energy remained clear, pure and sweet and allowed for the unfolding of each person present thru total acceptance and inclusion in co-creating a container and an experience for all there to share in. Several regional sub-groups (Or tribes) were formed and on both Friday and Saturday evenings, each "tribe" sat together in council, answering a series of questions designed to open dialogue on what possibilities existed and/or what could be created. Most importantly, I thought, was the request, and the call, for everyone present to take some kind of positive action step towards creating and cultivating the lives, communities and culture that we want to see more of in this world and in these times.

I was honored to have been invited to participate and looking forward to the continuation of this way of sharing. Dialogue and open discussion in partnership with collaborative efforts are clearly signs of maturity and growth amongst individuals and communities. I know the seeds of this work will continue to bear fruit in many hearts and communities and I offer my hand in service to support and co-create!

Thanks to the Tribal Convergence team and facilitators and to all present who shared in this magical heart opening expression of the truth of our beingness! See you at the next one!


  1. Jeanette HardisonJune 14, 2011 at 12:57 PM

    Sweet song sister Cheri, you speak my mind and heart! This event filled my being to a new state of completeness, and my gratitude is beyond words. Thank you for yours!! So posted.

  2. The sheer inspiration of this event is amazing. Thank you Cheri Shanti for laying out what was different about this gathering than most others. With the central focus of action in this setting the celebration of music and dancing had a much deeper meaning. We are all now so good at celebrating,(as in BM and festivals). This gathering gives us a way to make something to celebrate. More please!

  3. Deepening into something not felt before. So proud to be of service and now ready to cultivate and sharpen my gifts for the next wave. Gratitude to those who are stepping up and for the many tools I received this weekend for my heart and soul. Thank you Cheri Shanti for this eloquent summary of our process and intentions - looking forward to engaging in your gifts Friday night.


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